When I came out he was the first person to accept me. Everyone was like “I don’t know how to feel about it” and my grandpa, the most perfect man alive, was like “What the fuck are you talking about? He’s your family there’s nothing to be confused about.” 

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zach crying about frankie’s grandpa

"man that fucking sucks."


Click the gif to watch Charlie Day as Allan Pinkerton on last night’s Drunk History.


" you’re gonna have that tattoo for the rest of your life"

Wow really?

I didn’t..

are you serious?


Frankie said he’s excited for his grandparents to see him in POV tonight
the crumbling you hear is my heart going into a million pieces

Clawing my foot to try and distract me from the pain of my bee sting. Hurts like a BITCH.


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I don’t know what he’s doing, but Brendon Urie last night at the APMAS

he’s waiting for someone to close to goddamn door

I got stung by a bee for the first time since I was like 12 and it got me on top of my toe and it hurts like a butch and I’m so mad